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To provide you with the highest quality dental expertise and care utilizing the most innovative scientific technologies in a warm, caring and friendly atmosphere.


Established 1974​

Dr's - 60 yrs. of combined clinical experience

Dr's - Multi-disciplined dental treatment accreditation

Staff - Experienced, accredited professionals


RTM - Valois Station

STM - 202, 203, 204

Ample Free Parking


Valois - Pointe-Claire - West Island


Amazing and friendly staff. The new clinic is extremely modern and big. Easy and free parking in front and on the side of the building. By far the best dental clinic I’ve ever been too!

Dentaire Turner - Established in 1974. Putting patient care and comfort at the forefront since inception.


Digital X-Rays: 50%-90% reduction in radiation levels.


Dental Cone Beam CT Scan: Full-mouth digital CT scan.


Sterilization: Adheres to ISO 9001:2008. The most stringent governing body.


Spacious, open design clinic for patient comfort and tranquility.


Emergency Dentistry

(24hrs - Same day)


(Braces - Invisalign - Clear Correct)

Teeth Whitening



(Root Canal Therapy)


(Non-Surgical Gum Therapy)


(Porcelain Laminate)

Impacted Teeth Removal

(Wisdom Teeth)

Athletic Mouth Guards


Dentaire Turner Yazdi Valois Pointe-Clai

Dr. Yazdi Turner

Dentaire Turner Yazdi Valois Pointe-Clai

Dr. Zain Turner


State of the art dental clinic with great Dentists, dental hygienist and friendly staff. Great experience.

Francois G., Cornwall, Ont.

I have been with the Turner family for over a decade. Now they have moved into this beautiful state of the art facility. You have the care of a family practice and at the same time feel like you are in the future.

John D., Pierrefonds, Qc.

I’ve been a client of DR. Turner since I was a child. Over 35 years! Their new location is very modern and the care I receive from Maya is excellent. Precision, knowledge, explanation & care.
The entire team is lovely to deal with!

Natasha B., Montreal, Qc. 

Today my 8 year old daughter was having an anxiety attack during her procedure and I was sure I would have to take her home. Dr Turner and his two assistants went above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen. They were patient and amazing!! Within 15 minutes they had her laughing and happy. Truly an amazing staff. Thank you!

Sandy P., Montreal, Qc.

I had a dental procedure here recently. I got in to see Dr. Turner very quickly and my issue was treated with great professionalism. The dental technician, Coleen, was patient, kind and helpful. I highly recommend this dentist.

Donna P., Pointe-Claire, Qc.



Our Address

96 Donegani Ave.

Pointe-Claire, QC. H9R 2V4

Tel: 514-695-8010 

Opening Hours

Monday: 9AM - 8PM

Tuesday: 9AM - 8PM

Wednesday: 9AM - 8PM

Thursday: 9AM - 8PM

Friday: 9AM - 5PM

Saturday: 9AM - 3PM

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RTM - Valois Station

STM - 202, 203, 204

Ample Free Parking

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Dentaire Turner dentiste de montréal
Dentaire Turner dentiste de montréal
ClearCorrect Dentaire Turner Pointe-Clai
Dentaire Turner dentiste de montréal
Dentaire Turner dentiste de montréal
Dentaire Turner dentiste de montréal
Dentaire Turner dentiste de montréal
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